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VTXDropBox Crack Free Download [Mac/Win]

Using our secure application, you can share files quickly and easily over the internet. Anyone who is connected to the network can easily download files from your shared folders. With VTXDropBox, you no longer have to worry about running a remote server or hosting files on a web server.
Instead you simply install our software and share a folder on your hard drive with anyone who has a compatible client. They simply connect to the server via their standard internet browser and login to their account.
This way you can share files over the internet without having to purchase expensive servers or hosting accounts.
VTXDropBox Use:
VTXDropBox is very easy to use. Once you have installed and configured the system, you simply create a new folder, give it a name and a password, then share the folder with anyone who can access the Internet.
Your clients can access the folder on their own computers and login to your account, then click the Download button to download files from your computer. You can also upload files to your account and then share them with your clients.
VTXDropBox Features:

2 user accounts: You can have a primary account and a secondary account. The secondary account is used as a backup to the primary account.

You can choose a password for each user. If you use default passwords, everyone can easily login to your account.

Remote users can upload and download files to your account.

Download and upload files via FTP, Webdav, SFTP, and HTTPS protocols. You can also use BitTorrent for downloading.

You can disable or turn on transfers.

You can easily change the folder name, password, and other settings.

Choose File Types: You can choose file types and save the files directly into the folder. All types are compatible with this software.

Full support of Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems.

No internet hosting or server licenses are required for using this software.

Customer review

Average rating for VTXDropBox client is 4.8 out of 5 based on 10,986 ratings.

A Good Solution

We use VTXDropBox to provide our clients with a simple method for sharing sensitive documents and files. By using this method, we can easily access the shared files without the need to upload them to a web server.

The system is easy to configure. With just a few clicks you can create new folders, add users, and share the folder.

VTXDropBox Crack + [Updated] 2022

It is a software that will help you share your files with other computers in a network in a very simple manner.
Using VTXDropBox you can access and download files from your share through a web browser of your choice.

The VTXDropBox system is based on the RTOS VTX Real Time Operating System, which is a standard tool that will make it possible for you to share files and configure shared folders in an easy and fast way.

Comprehensive server and client solution

VTXDropBox is a comprehensive server and client solution. The server component hosts a share folder, which contains your files and folders. The client component will allow you to access those files and folders from anywhere on the Internet.

Share files with others in a network

With the VTXDropBox system, you can share your files with anyone you want on your local network or through the Internet.

Shared folders for full control

It is possible to share files and folders in multiple ways. Depending on your needs, you can use the VTXDropBox server to create one share folder and assign the shares to several client computers, or you can make several shares and allow the users to freely choose which share to use and change it as they please.

Easy to configure and use

There are no complex instructions or anything else. The VTXDropBox server and client components can be installed on any computer, including a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can use VTXDropBox through a web browser using a desktop PC or a mobile device.

Integrated USB drive

VTXDropBox comes with a USB drive that you can use to share files and folders without the need for extra software.

Upload and download files

You can upload files using the share folder on your server as well as download those files to your computer. VTXDropBox is also compatible with Internet download managers and tools, so you can download the files in a simple manner.Q:

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VTXDropBox Torrent Download

What’s New In VTXDropBox?

VTXDropBox is a software solution that can help you access and share files across a network in a straightforward manner. The system consists of a server component and client which can be configured for easy access.


Through VTXDropBox you can view the files that are shared on the server side as well as download them using the Internet browser of your choice.


1. Easy to setup and operate

VTXDropBox is as easy to setup as it can be used. Upon request of the administrator, the system is installed on the network. For the client we have created a web-based interface that allows for easy operation. Using this interface, you can log in as many users as you want.
You can set a password for the client. In this way, you can protect the files of the users who log in to the client.

2. An unlimited number of files

The system can be used in a multiple client environment. With VTXDropBox, you can work with an unlimited number of clients. In each client, you can set a folder that is protected by password. Files you want to share can be marked as public or private. Private files can be shared with specific users on the network. For example, a customer account manager who needs access to the data of his/her customers can access files that are marked private. A folder can contain an unlimited number of files. By default, all files in a folder are marked public.


After downloading the client from the website, you can begin the installation. During installation, you will need to enter an account information for the administrator.

After the installation of the client, the files shared on the server are shown in a web browser. From here, you can download files using the Internet browser of your choice.

Using the system:

The client allows you to log in as many users as you want. Each of them can have access to their own folder on the server.

In each folder, you can mark the files as public or private. Private files can be marked for specific users.

You can give a password to the client and thus prevent unauthorized access.

To share a file, you can either click on the + button or enter the name of the file you want to share.

For each new file you want to share, you must have a unique password. You can set this password by choosing the Password tab.

For the files you want to download, you must type the name of the file in the text field next to the file name.

After entering the password for the file you want to download, you can choose the way of access.

1. Viewing the files

For the files you share on the server side, you can view them using the web browser on your client.

2. Downloading the files

System Requirements For VTXDropBox:

Supported OS: Win64/Linux x64
Key Features:
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